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The ImPact is a member network. Our mission is to inspire families to make more impact investments more effectively.


Educational Services

Exceptional content and experiences that provide families with strategic and actionable guidance to expand their impact investing activities

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Data Driven Insights

Industry-leading data platform offering members the quantitative and qualitative insights they need to make more informed impact investment decisions

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Global Community

A curated community of families committed to growing the impact investing marketplace

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The pact

The ImPact’s members are families, joined together by a shared Pact. The Pact calls families to simple yet powerful actions to improve the impact of their investments.


Make the Pact

I made the Pact because I am so excited about the opportunities to align social and environmental benefit with financial returns, and these businesses are critical to solving the very big problems we face.

Adam Wolfensohn, New York, NY

I am making the Pact to make sure that my investment portfolio is actively working towards my vision of a better Brazil and a better world.

Fernando Scodro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Inheriting wealth passed down through three generations is a great privilege. However, it also comes with a responsibility to invest capital so that it can be used to tackle the world's most pressing challenges -- from climate change, to income inequality, to promoting respect for human and labor rights.

Paolo F., Hong Kong

Impact Investing

Impact investments intend to generate financial return and measurable social benefit; they can be made across all asset classes and geographies, and across many sectors.

$ 0 T

will transfer to the next generation over next 3 decades

A Golden Age of Philanthropy Still Beckons
Havens and Schervish, 2014

0 %

of Millennials believe social impact is key to their investing decisions

U.S. Trust, 2016

0 %

of assets (on average) allocated by families to impact investments

Fidelity Millionaire Outlook, 2013

To make long lasting change…we have to change the way people live and interact within societies...things better done with free markets and social entrepreneurs than typical philanthropy.

Jim Sorenson

I care about a more just and sustainable world. Through impact investing I feel I am doing my part.

Justin Rockefeller

Just your philanthropic dollars are not enough to solve big world problems. We have a responsibility to use everything we have to make an impact.

Liesel Pritzker Simmons

To whom much is given much is expected. That is something I try to do in all parts of my life.

Jean Case


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