The pact

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The mission of The ImPact is to inspire families to make more impact investments more effectively. We are a network of families joined together by a shared Pact. The Pact calls families to simple yet powerful actions to improve the impact of their investments.

The Pact is not a legal document. It is a moral commitment among peers to take the actions necessary to achieve a shared purpose: to increase the probability and pace of solving social problems by improving the flow of capital to investments that create measurable social benefit.

The Pact

I commit to:

1) Explore the impact of all of my investments, and
2) Invest to create measurable social benefit.


The increasing interconnectedness of the world means that local problems can have global implications, and vice versa. The world’s social and environmental challenges affect markets; markets—and the organizations and investors that comprise them—in turn, affect social and environmental conditions.

All investments have an impact (positive, negative, neutral) on the environment and on communities. Building a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient society requires exploration and, where possible, careful measurement of the full range of outputs of our investments. Understanding the true value of our investments helps us make more informed decisions and increases the chances that our investments create the outcomes that we seek.

When we intentionally invest for social benefit, we realize that no decision or action occurs in a vacuum; we each can play a part in creating a more sustainable environment and resilient society through the investment decisions we make.

*Those who are willing to make their Pact public may have their name listed as a Pact maker in the future.