Educational Services

Exceptional content and experiences that provide families with strategic and actionable guidance to expand their impact investing activities

The ImPact creates educational content and experiences designed to inspire and support families in the practice of impact investing. Through case studies, primers, and training programs, we help families better understand the impact investing marketplace, and build the knowledge they need to develop and implement effective impact investing strategies.

Data Driven Insights

Industry-leading data platform offering members the quantitative and qualitative insights they need to make more informed impact investment decisions

Through The ImPact’s partnership with Addepar, members are able to track and analyze their impact investment portfolios, and receive unique insights from The ImPact’s custom data reporting.

Global Community

A curated community of families committed to growing the impact investing marketplace

All over the world, The ImPact convenes members and leaders in the impact investing field for deep learning and relationship building. We are biased towards action and results — less sitting and listening, and more engaged problem solving. Our events are balanced among inspirational large-format convenings and intimate local gatherings. We are a global community, and the settings of our gatherings reflect the diversity of our membership.